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The need for Information in today’s world is as important as the need for correct analysis of the information gathered. A combination of these two gives rise to a powerful methodology, which assesses the current scenario and assists in decision making, optimizing the available resources for gaining best possible returns. Infolead is a statistical survey research and data analysis, which aims to revolutionize the way survey research is done starting right from data collection to the delivery of reports.

We are in the business of gathering valuable and accurate information and analyzing it for significant/key insights and trends. For this we use innovative and cutting edge tools and practices. At present, we are using these concepts and our expertise to enable the elected representatives in India to manage their constituencies in an organized manner and to help them allocate funds for high priority developmental works. Better management of the constituency and judicious use of funds results in a win-win situation for all. The representatives can shake the curse of anti-incumbency and the constituents can reap the rewards of the hard work of a well-informed and dedicated representative. The objective of the company is to provide Voter Relationship Management by helping the clients to increase the voter network and confidence of the voters in them and Brand Building & Campaign Management to create a positive wave during the elections.

The gap between the representatives and their electorate is the biggest concern in the political world. It becomes difficult for the leaders to stay in touch with all parts of the constituency due to their busy schedules and the correct information gets lost traversing the maze of the party network. InfoEdge bridges this gap by its Constituency Information Management System (CIMS) software

Little About Us

At the heart of CIMS is a database of valuable information that we gather in the constituency for each polling booth. This data will include the details of demographic structure, prominent issues, developmental work, influential people, and active party workers. The software has a user-friendly interface through which details of any polling booth, tehsil, or even the whole constituency can be obtained instantly. A detailed analysis is done based on the facts and figures gathered during the course of comprehensive area research and a report on strategic issues is presented aiming at creating a positive wave of enthusiasm and confidence in the electorate for their representative.

aWe do Brand Building and Campaign Management using the latest techniques and best practices from the world of brand management. We ascertain the existing popularity of the representative through detailed studies and also provide creative and innovative mediums to enhance it, like creating documentary films showing the development work done in the past and the vision for the future, creating websites, and generating publicity for events. During elections, we develop publicity material for the print media as well as the voters. We also give strategic advice on methods for canvassing using mobile phones and electronic media.
The leading and ambitious leaders of India as well as other developed countries are already using these techniques and software tools in managing their constituencies. We are committed to make a significant, lasting difference to our clients through information based decision.